Virtual Diagnostics

Get quality diagnostics for minor cooling and heating issues without leaving your couch or having someone enter your home.

Talking to a technician is easy—anytime!

Can’t see your Ward Mechanical Contractors technician in person? Virtual visits, also known as TeleTech, make it easy to get assistance from a certified technician via a secure video or phone appointment from your home or on the go.

Virtual visits are available to help with a wide variety of non-emergency conditions. Technicians are ready to help Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 5:00pm

Virtual Service Technician

Talking to a technician is easy, anytime…anywhere!

Schedule a virtual visit at your home or business with a Certified Technician for only $29.00

If, by chance, you still require an in-person visit, no problem… we’ll apply your $29.00 virtual payment to your service call.

Virtual visits are available to help with a wide variety of non-emergency conditions, such as:

  • No AC or heat
  • Concerns about a strange noise
  • Thermostat not working
  • There is a leak

$29.00 One-Time Payment

In some cases, there’s no need to have a technician in your home, no need to sit waiting around, and no surprise bills.

When you have an emergency, such as a completely inoperable system, call 225-667-6771 and we can dispatch a technician to your home.

To Schedule a Virtual Appointment

Select your preferred video method (Zoom or FaceTime) within the following Virtual Appointment Request box, and then answer any prompted questions to complete the scheduling of your appointment.